ChocolateChipCookieIt seems we can’t escape lists. There’s a list of the top 10 ways to lose a good employee, the top 25 things to do before turning 30, the top news stories of any given year and, of course, the “bucket list,” a term I’d never heard before the 2007 film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Check social media or magazines on the newsstand and you’ll find many more, from serious to lighthearted.

For our institution’s 175th anniversary, we collaborated with students and colleagues to come up with a list of our own: 175 Reasons to Celebrate Bloomsburg University, the cover story of the winter 2014 issue of Bloomsburg: The University Magazine. We acknowledge that a list like this one — completely subjective, in random order and limited to just 175 items – is merely a representation of what makes BU unique. Recalling names, places and chocolate chip cookies, our listing conveys the spirit that has infused our institution from its earliest days as the Literary Academy through today as a university serving about 10,000 students. But we know we didn’t get them all.

What or who would you add to our 175 Reasons to Celebrate? Tell us what we missed at or send to Nearly anything goes, except current students, faculty and staff.

So, what’s on your list of reasons to celebrate BU?

— Bonnie Martin, Editor

Learn more about Bloomsburg University’s anniversary celebration at

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