Shannon Killeen Ferguson ’05 and Ken Ferguson ’04

Our love story started my freshman year of college, 2001, when Ken and I crossed paths. He had just transferred to Bloom for his junior year and we both were in other relationships. We said “hi” and that was it — Ken said I didn’t notice him but he noticed me!

Fast forward two years to my junior year and Ken’s last year at Bloom. Just coming out of a long relationship, I was just looking to have fun with friends. That was until I saw Ken in the Commons. It was honestly love at first (ok, second) sight. Ken had a shamrock tattoo on his ankle and, with me being 100 percent Irish, I knew he was the one.

A few weeks later I was asked by my friend, Chris, to go to a date party at the lacrosse house. As soon as I walked in, I saw Ken. I couldn’t speak! He ended up leaving the party before I could get the courage to say “hi,” but he said he was nervous that night, too, and wasn’t sure what to say.

I told Chris he needed to introduce us. And he did! Chris invited me to a party (we did find time to study, too) at Ken’s house. Ken and I ended up talking all night and we have been together ever since. We had our first date at Russell’s, graduated, moved to different states to be near each other, moved in together, visited Bloom for long weekends, got engaged and were married in June 2008. Now, we are expecting our own little Husky in March 2013.

It was Bloom that brought us together, and Ken says he is sure glad he transferred!

—    Shannon Killeen Ferguson ’05

Editor’s note: Shannon Killeen Ferguson ’05 worked in the Office of Marketing and Communications while majoring in mass communications at BU. She posed for an info graphic featured on page 13 of Bloomsburg: The University Magazine’s winter 2005 issue. Her grandmother was delighted!

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