Deirdre Miller Coup ’07 and Scott Coup ‘05

Scott and I have our good friend, Dianna, to thank for introducing us in the fall of 2005 — my sophomore year and his final semester at Bloomsburg. She invited him to a party at our friend’s apartment on Iron Street one evening, and I hit it off with Scott right away. We spent the whole evening laughing and talking, and I made sure to head for the door at the same time he was leaving so we could walk together on the long trek back to our campus dorms. We didn’t know it at the time, of course, but that night was the beginning of our life together!

After we became Facebook friends a few weeks later (in the earlier days of social networking), Scott got up the courage to ask me out for our first date. We walked downtown to Balzano’s on Main Street, and I was so nervous I barely touched my chicken parmesan! Scott graduated a few months after we started dating, but returned to Bloomsburg the following year for graduate school. After I graduated from Bloom in 2007, we spent nearly three years living three hours apart and seeing each other one weekend a month — if we were lucky!

Despite the distance, our relationship continued to grow and Scott popped the question on a surprise trip he planned to a mountain lodge in upstate New York. We were married in October 2011 surrounded by our family and friends.

We often return to Bloomsburg to see how the campus has changed, visit our old stomping grounds, and spend time in the place that brought us together.

— Deirdre Miller Coup ’07

Editor’s note: Deirdre Miller Coup ’07 worked as a communications assistant in BU’s Marketing and Communications Office while working toward her bachelor’s degree.

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